The story: lasgodivas


A while back, a group of us rode out to Red Hook for the day. After brunch, we decided to stop by the pier and go for a stroll. You can see the Statue of Liberty from there, like you can actually see her, instead of just knowing she's out there. There was a portrait painted on one of the brick walls right in front of where we had parked (center piece featured in the Inspiration for October's Piece post; also featured below). It wasn't something to stare at, but more something to watch. 

"It took so much time for my eyes to understand it. It had a certain degree of perfection that my eye could not grasp," said the designer while we all headed to the bottom of the pier. Why had the artist pick that place; what did the painting really mean?

The Monday after our trip, sketches began. More ideas began to spill themselves onto to the original thought: chocolates squares, mosaics layers, and even the city's tetris-like skyscrapers. Our scribbles were a slave to that portrait for days. Some beauty is like that, you know? It reels us in, but we never really know how or why. 

With love,

the PRseries Chicks

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* Brunch at the Good Fork is something you really need to try. If you live in New York, we suggest you stop by this w-end. For all of you visiting soon, make sure to add it to the 'To Do' list. Red Hook is simply magical!

Top image shot by William Hereford