PRseries Profiles: Tanya Ngangan

Somewhere between class and her lunch break, Tanya made a stop at the Fauchon pastry shop in Paris and fell in love. She quickly transitioned into culinary school and began an affair with pastries that would take her all the way to New York’s Lower East Side.

Photo credit: Albert Cheung

Maybe she was always destined to live here though, her favorite color is black, after all.

Her creative process is not so different from ours at the PRseries studio. While we’re taking samples of ideas and trying to envision how to marry the classics with the modern, Tanya is doing the same with an array of flavors and time-honored recipes.

Her debut shop was named after the first words her husband ever said to her, “Bisous, ciao,” and is situated in the LES (and recently in the West Village) for your macaroon fix.

We sat down with our local pastry girl for extra behind the counter info for all you foodies and Francophiles hoping to find your next fix:


Your last purchase was at ...Sandro

Once a week, I have...a wrap from Wrapido!

What’s your favorite NY bar scene? Lately I've been going to Buvette quite a bit. I love small & cozy!

If a friend called you up to say they were in town, what place is your go to for visitors? The Spotted Pig is always a great recommendation!

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