The Story: The Infinity Ring

It's quite clear that the infinity band represents something special & never-ending as its title states, but the band has come to own a few other meanings as its become a staple piece of classic jewelry for women today. 

Dating back longer than your grand-ma's corset, this piece is a classic. It commonly sits next to the wedding band, coupling up with engagement rings to dress up a lady for her daily grown-up excursions. However, in recent years, this once hand-me-down classic is seeing a come back. So if your grand-ma didn't fork one up, maybe it's up to you to start the line of classic rings to share with those to come. 

Yes, we're seeing this piece take the place of engagement rings as women are starting to take an edge to their bands. While others are wearing it closer to their hearts.

Whatever the case, our Laila stands for the infinite amount of moments that this band will carry with it. So whether you stack it, couple it, or let it stand alone for all of your lady-days to come, be sure to start or keep the tradition going as it will be a classic that will stick by you through the epic outfits of your life.


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